Rent the Rink


The Rent the Rink experience for me was fantastic. Steeping out on to the ice at the Pepsi center was exhilarating and getting to play there under the lights and the banners was something truly special and the entire event as a whole has been a truly unique memory that will last for the rest of my life

- K Smith

Being able to play hockey at the Pepsi center was one of the biggest highlights of playing hockey. The whole experience was amazing from the guys at rent the rink to the Pepsi center/avalanche staff. I would recommend this to anyone that gets the chance.

- C Roush

I am someone who has always had a love of hockey, I still remember watching the 2001 Avs cup win and feeling so proud that my team had helped win Bourque the cup. For whatever reason I never got into Ice hockey as a kid and only as an adult started to play. I had missed my chance to play competitive hockey, try to make it to the show. But with this experience I feel like I was given the big time treatment. From walking into the locker room with my name placard on the wall, to coming out and having a large team photo it felt like we were superstars. The night after the game, and for the next few days too, I couldn't stop going through the photos that Michael Martin took of me. It was one of the best hockey experiences Ive had and showed how great the game is at bringing even complete strangers together to have fun, feel like family, and play some really fun hockey.

- C Mckeeman

Rent the Rink hosted a dream experience for any hockey lover! I've been playing for 23 years, and have never had so much fun! From start to finish, I felt like a VIP and was able to enjoy being with and playing with other passionate players, and skate where the Pros skate. The locker room experience was so special. We walked in, to see our names and jerseys hanging in our spots, and had fun while gear and apparel was raffled off. The energy in the room was so exciting, knowing we were about to step on to the ice in an arena we had only seen the pros play in. Then, after much anticipation, we got to play hockey surrounded by the magic of the arena. A professional photographer captured these unique and treasured memories. After we played, we got to attend the pro game where we just had played. What a profoundly special day!!! I look forward to playing with Rent the Rink again, and will travel wherever they go!

- K Roach

It was a great mini experience walking into the locker room and seeing our jerseys hanging, playing on my favorite NHL team rink.. Would love to do this again

- C Tarango

"It's a rare opportunity to play hockey at the Joe. To be able to do so as an adult is out of this world! RTJ was an absolute blast and I can't wait till next time!​​"

- J Montgomery

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lifelong player and Red Wings fan. For the chance to stand at cernter ice in the historic Joe Louis Arena was truly unforgettable.

Many thanks!

- M Flaminio

The last Rent the Joe (Nov. 2016) was my first time participating, and it was the experience of a lifetime for a life-long beer leaguer such as myself. The chance to play on an NHL ice surface was too good to pass up, and my brother and I were both amazed with how organized and well run everything was. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to share the ice with, and I look forward to participating more in the future!

Thanks again for all the work you and your team put in to making events like these happen!

- J Johnson


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