Rent the Rink

Rent the Joe - Nov 7th 2016

We finished up our third installment of Rent the Joe. This one saw well over 100 participates skate at the joe with Detroit Red Wings Alumni Jason Woolley and Petr Klima

Petr bringing it up the ice.

Jason giving us the run around behind the net.

Thank you again for another awesome few days.

There are too many people to thank, but specifically want to shout out to:

Charlie Webb from for organizing the Jerseys and socks for the event, and for coming out with a vendor booth.

Dave Reginek - Thank you for the amazing photos once again! Everyone is changing their profile photos to a picture that you took!

George and Newman with the Red Wings Alumni - thanks for bringing two amazing players out to show us how bad we REALLY are.

Petr Klima and Jason Woolley - Thank you for coming out and giving us a chance to think we could take the puck from you, or that the goalies could stop you!

Justin Dunn from - Thanks for bringing your group out, not only to skate, but to have a booth set up. Big thanks for the Tailgate party at the Michigan game on Saturday as well - that was top notch!

Larry Ollearis from for coming out with your great sticks and playing a great game!

Kim Gallagher from - Thanks for coming out to spread the word about what you guys do to help the youth of Detroit stay in the game!

Terry Johnson from - thanks for coming out with your awesome cases!

Ben Beazley from - Thanks for spending the day feeding our hungry players!

Jeff Sacco - thanks for wrangling all the players in the rooms and for the photos - that was help that was very much appreciated. Thanks for getting the photos online as quickly as you have! Also, thank you again for you generosity - the Farewell to the Joe plaque will be on my fridge soon!

Roley Firth - thanks for hooking up the music and the announcing!

David Harris and Mark Trueblood - Thanks David for helping out at the pre-game party and thanks to both of you guys for refereeing the first 4.5 games!

And finally - Jamie Clark with the Detroit Red Wings Thank you for your infinite patience dealing with the multiple phone calls, emails, questions and concerns. Your professionalism and dedication are sincerely appreciated!

I drew the names for the raffle prize winners -

The winner of the Team Signed Wings stick was Thomas Woodward!

The winner of the ABHS stick of their choice was Steve Lowry!

The winner of the Flite Hockey bag was Zac Higgins!

Please, upload your videos and let everyone know where they are! My own camera died midway through the second half of my game, but my videos will be posted shortly!

Thanks again everyone - until next time!

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