Rent the Rink

Frequenty Asked Questions about Rent the Rink

Q - I signed up for a skate but my credit card was not charged?
A - We're deferring charging you until everything is confirmed.

Q - When will my credit card be billed for the skate?
A - We're holding charges until 40 days prior to the event. NHL teams generally want to be paid 30 days prior to the event.

Q - It says jerseys are provided but can I still wear my own?
A - We'd definitely prefer if you wore ours (there's no discounts if you choose not to wear ours), because it looks fantastic for the pictures!

Q - What is the refund policy of Rent the Rink?
A - We'll do our best to accommodate any refund requests. At a certain point (typically once the tickets have been paid for), if you can't make the NHL game, you would be responsible for selling your own ticket. Of course, things happen, and we'll work it out with you.

Q - What is the minimum amount of hockey equipment needed to be worn out on the ice? Do I need to wear a helmet?
A - These are real games of hockey, with real sticks and pucks. They will hurt if it hits you, so we absolutely suggest full gear. You MUST wear an approved helmet.

Q - Do you charge credit cards in USD or CAD?
A - This depends on the event. If the event is happening in the USA, we will charge in USD. If the event is happening in Canada, we will charge in CAD.

Q - How much notice will I be provided before my credit card is charged?
A - We'll send out an email 2 days prior to the charges being put through.

Q - Can I pull out of the skate before the threshold is met?
A- Yes.

Q - Can I purchase extra game tickets?
A - Absolutely. We will absolutely do our best to organize groups so their seats are together.

Q - Can I invite my friends and family to watch me skate?
A - ABSOLUTELY. We encourage it!

Q - Is there a minimum age?
A - Yes. Participants must be of the age of 21 by the date of the skate or older.


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