Rent the Rink – Detroit (Farewell to the Joe Edition)

This is it: your last chance to skate at legendary Joe Louis Arena! We are heading to Hockeytown to catch the game against the Ottawa Senators on April 3rd and skate at the Joe one final time on April 4th. We're expecting spots to fill up quickly for this historic opportunity, so register as soon as possible! Here are the details:

  • We will be hosting a pre-game party at a local bar in Detroit, location TBD. Join us for food and drinks, raffles and giveaways, and more!
  • Each game will be an hour long and 15 vs. 15, plus goalies.
  • All participants will receive custom Rent the Rink jerseys to wear and keep.
  • The official Detroit Red Wings photographer will be taking photos throughout the event. Look forward to getting some seriously awesome shots of yourself, like this!
  • Teams will have a member of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni join them for the game. That's right – skate at the Joe with a former player!
  • At this time, the expected cost per player is $130 USD.
  • Each player will receive a game ticket for Detroit vs. Ottawa on April 3rd, but extras may be purchased for $43 USD each.


Game 1 - 1pm to 1:50pm

Home Team (dark) Away Team (white)
Steven Wagner Matthew Kelly
Brian Gramling Andrew Wieczorek
Christopher Plaza Diane Woodring
Dmitriy Ansolis Armando Valentin
Ryan McLachlan Daniel Decker
Vicki Butz Joshua Chaffin
Maegan Yzquibell Eric Jesion
Ross Pimentel Bradley Gradowski
Jason Munger Ben Fox-Moore
Josh Franzen Steven Lowry
William Love Eugene L Kornetti
Dennis Joseph Decker Jake Marson
Randy Douglas Isenor Robert Rasco
Rodney Urbaniak Keaton Adams
Michael Boseak Nicholas DeNault

Game 2 - 2pm to 2:50pm

Home Team (dark) Away Team (white)
Dirk Thur Mat Lutz
Matthew Wurm Cody Marshell fern
Karl Wurm Michael Mincello
Salvatore Serra Adam Mathew
Dane Frederiksen Jake Ramey
Eric Robert Murphy Bjorn Benson
Patrick McGillviray Stephen Brimer
Nathan Fries Roy Lozon
Ryan Charbonneau Michael Laskaska
Andrew Edgar Graeme Ring
Matthew Cleveland Nick Banaszak
Evan Beckner Kyle Boes
Anthony Dostert Craig Fraaken
Rich Lindow Timothy Young
Martin Jason Cepielik James booth

Game 3 - 3pm to 3:50pm

Home Team (dark) Away Team (white)
Peter Johnston Alain Brosseau
JOSH CLARKE Josh VanderWal
Mark J Slotwinski Erin Labour
Michael Lang Austin Chen
Ryan mcniff Brandon Marsh
Steven Moyer Jeff Sacco
Matt Brattan Wayne Young
Tyler Brezinski Charles Webb
Wayne Everett Darryl Taylor
Tim McVicar Jeffrey P Webb
jordan moffat Mike Malacaro
Brian Smith Duane Fell
Jason Vickers Jerry McGarvey
Ian Robedeau Matt Nichols
Matthew Slotwinski Brian Webb

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