Rent the Rink

Rent the Rink – Detroit (Farewell to the Joe Edition)

Once again, thank you for coming out to another Rent the Rink event. This round saw nearly 100 players attend, including Red Wings Alumni John Ogrodnick and Jason Woolley. We had prizes from STX, Howies Hockey Tape, Original Stix, and of course Mitten Sports. Without generous sponsors like these, this event doesn't go off nearly as well. If you won a prize, please throw them a shoutout on social media - they (and I) would sincerely appreciate it.

I'd like to acknowledge the work that Austin put in, creating the amazing jerseys, shirts, and stickers, and for doing a fantastic job running quite a lot of the social media for Rent the Rink. If I asked to tweak something visually, he politely guided me in the right direction (which was generally his idea in the first place). The effort that Austin laid out in order to create something as visually stunning as he did cannot go unnoticed.

I'd also like to thank Jeff for creating and maintaining our website. We did lots of trial runs on the website - trying to break it - and we couldn't. There were very minor hiccups that were easily overcome, and we learned how to be better for next round. Again, Jeff, Thank you for your dedication and coordination.

Thank you to Dave Reginek, the official photographer of the Red Wings. The pictures that I've seen so far have been absolutely flawless. Your ability to capture a moment, as well as your professionalism, friendship, and dedication to the craft are the reasons we can't imagine having an event in Detroit without you. We may not always play like the pros, but thanks to you, we certainly look like them.

Jamie from the Red Wings: once again, you're the person that this whole event hinges on. I and collectively all of the players at Rent the Rink thank you again for everything you do to make this a success. Without you, players would not travel from Saskatchewan, Texas, Iowa, and Belgium (seriously - Belgium!) just to play hockey.

Thank you to Terry Johnson from Original Stix. I sincerely appreciate the prizes, but more than that I appreciate the advice. Always timely and well thought out.

Big thanks to Jason Woolley and John Ogrodnick - having you guys out for the games was fantastic. Every player had nothing but great things to say, and we hope we'll have the opportunity to skate with you again.

And finally, thank you once again to Charlie Webb from Mitten Sports. Charlie, without you, this doesn't get nearly the traction that it does. I appreciate everything you have done to make Rent the Rink synonymous with premium hockey events. We can't wait to see the videography and colour commentary of our games.

Please, take a minute to visit and donate to the good folks at Detroit Performance Hockey. As I mentioned in the locker rooms, they rely very heavily on private donations of both cash and equipment to run their programs keeping women and kids on the ice.

We look forward to seeing you next season, whether at Little Caesars Arena, Florida (!?), or somewhere else. In the meantime, know that we'll be spending the summer working diligently to make the next events even more memorable. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!

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