Rent the Rink – Denver

We are heading to the Mile High City to catch the final home game of the Colorado Avalanche and skate at the Pepsi Center on April 6th! This will be a truly unique experience at a fantastic price. Here are the details:

  • We will have 1 hour of ice time in total before the Avalanche game.
  • The game will be an hour long and 15 vs. 15, plus goalies.
  • All participants will receive custom Rent the Rink jerseys to wear and keep.
  • A professional photographer will be taking photos throughout the event. Look forward to getting some seriously awesome shots of yourself, like this!
  • The cost per player is $93 USD.
  • Each player will receive a game ticket for Colorado vs. Minnesota on April 6th, but extras may be purchased for $23 USD each.


Home Team (dark) Away Team (white)
Michael Sabbota Chris Mckeeman
Paul Scanlon Vanessa Torres
Greg Owen Quinn Wilson
Ryan Meagher Jeremy Cordray
Cody Allen Evan Fischbach
Chris Tarango Sean Goodpasture
Kevin Meyers Brandon Steinmetz
Andy Erickson Kalib Smith
Tyler Indelicato Billy Nooney
Erin Labour Collin Molnar
Jeff Sacco Mackenzie Cosby
Charlie Webb Casey Roush
Christopher Mollo Justin Lyons
Paul Christensen Aymii Couzelis
Jim Kleronomos Jacob Bailey
Blake Stewart Katie Roach

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